The tapestry beneath me glowed and flashed vibrantly. It almost seemed it was going to fall from under me as there was complete darkness despite the eye bleeding brightness of the floor. I heard something land behind me. The being attempted to ambush and detain me as I bashed it with a baseball bat over and over again. The silvery thing reached out with a snakelike arm and pleaded,

N, Ne, N-

It fell to the floor and disappeared in a fading flash.

The grimness of the scraps of metal and cogs was, well, disturbing, but it wasn't too bad. Very easy task.

And then I opened the door.

I was in some factory where I could hear whirring and clacks. The walls were now flashing as well, but this time it seemed to drain the light. It felt empty, almost sad. Several enemies were trying to plead my forgiveness or sympathy. But if I were to give them sympathy, then I wouldn't be able to win. I need to win. I must win. There isn't any other point other than just winning. What else COULD there be? As I sat there pondering another one ran up to me. This time however it didn't say a word. It didn't even vocalize. It only looked at me with cold eyes. Eyes, that almost seemed to leach light into them. It shot a beam at me. Furious that it didn't stand down, I ran at it. The big bulky thing deftly flipped over my head and shot at me again. I swung at it with all my might, and hit it!

But it didn't even move. Didn't flinch. Still just glared at me. It didn't do anything.

I charged at it again and I hit it very hard. Still nothing.

I tore into it again, and again, and again. It fired off another shot taking me by surprise. This one really hurt.

It fired another. And then it started to hammer over and over with beams.

Not knowing what to do, I pulled out a large bomb and tossed it at this mech. The machine didn't look at the bomb. It watched me condescendingly. It gaze started to drill into me. It would not take its eyes off me. I fell not knowing how to feel as it still gunned at me with the weapon of emotion. The bomb finally exploded, and it sent the robot in the air. It landed as I was walking away, except for it was right in front of me. It now almost seemed resolute and sour with its psychopathic chasms freezing me. I felt sick, nauseous, and guilty. Then it started to scream. It yelled and screamed, but with bitter satisfaction in its voice. It grated on my nerves. I saw more of them, coming out of the walls, all screaming. Some of the other enemies such as the snake armed robots began to yell in horror. Some began to sob. Someone cried my name


But then the screams stopped. The mech was still glaring at me. I realized that it had a title on its side. It read:

Atomic Power Robot 97-B

The Atomic Power Robot then started to turn red as I heard panic flood back into my ears. The walls were now flashing a red beacon. I ran out of the mechanical factory and back onto the tapestry. I ran, and I could feel all the tentacles of the anguished beings trying to pull me into my mess. I got past them all. They were so pathetic, sitting there wallowing in their lethargic sadness. I climbed up out of the hole and left the base. Instantly I heard rumbling and heat emanating from under my feet. I dashed into the closest building. The earthquake was starting to hurl out beams of light and heat shooting out of the ground. I heard explosions that sent the hill behind the building shaking and mushroom clouds started to overturn the magma of where I stood a couple of minutes ago. I shuddered at the piercing screech, at the sonata of suffering. I was in tears as shrapnel flew through the walls of the building. It only started to get worse. The building started to crumble and crack. It started to break into pieces. The ceiling of the lab collapsed onto a device which blew out the back wall of the building and caught fire. All the snow was melting as I realized in horror that I was stuck in the rubble. The flames were slowly heading towards me. I ripped and pulled and yet it would not budge. The crashes from the base sent a shock wave that sent me reeling. I joined in the desperado, only to notice something off. In the back of this cesspool of sounds, I heard a jarring reverb to the already grating screams

Deeeeeeeeeeeeeidreeeeeeee... Deieieieieidreee... Deiiiiiirdeeeeeedreeeeee...

And it only got louder.

Deeeedreeeedreeee..dedredredree... until it was all I heard, as the droning noise overtook the bangs and the booms.

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