Creepypasta Wiki

So, one day, I was just surfing the internet when I got bored. I decided to read a pasta. I'm a sucker for a scary story.

I opened a new tab and typed in "Creepypasta Wiki." While the page loaded, I thought about what story I should read. I decided to click on "Random Story."

I found a story named "You Couldn't." I started reading it. It was pretty good, not gonna lie. It gave me the creeps, but not much.

My computer suddenly shut off. It usually did that when I fiddled with the charger, but I didn't even touch it. The screen was pitch black. I thought the BSOD would show up, but it didn't. Still black.

I just shrugged and turned it on. Once I put in my password, I clicked on Google Chrome, and searched "Creepypasta Wiki" once again.

I looked for "You Couldn't." There it was, looking like a normal creepy story. I opened it, but to my surprise it was blank. It was the normal length of the story, but all blank.

I remembered it had two comments. I wanted to read them again, so that's what I did. But, they were jumbled. No, they weren't jumbled, they were written the other way around. It was hard to read, but since I always read the comments first and already knew about them, it was easier.

I reloaded the page, but this time the comments were blank, too. I tried re-opening the page, but that didn't work. My computer froze, and I hoped it wouldn't turn off. It didn't. Thankfully, Google Chrome just shut off, so that's why I turned on Opera instead and started playing games.

After an hour or so, I had a message from someone in Telegram. I paused my game and opened it. A message from an unknown number.

My crazy imagination sprung to life. Who was this? Stalker? Weirdo? Or was this my teacher's phone number?

I quickly shook the thoughts away. My imagination is dumb and never correct. Still, it always got the best of me.

Once I pressed on the message, I couldn't help but feel a lump in my throat.

It said, "You couldn't do that." I didn't understand what it meant, but what seemed familiar about it?

Then I remembered about the incident today. I was so caught up in the game, I kind of forgot.

I ignored the message, because it was late. The next day, though, I went to my computer to check what's up with the story. It wasn't even there.

Maybe it was deleted? Yeah, that made sense. Maybe someone else got the problem and reported it?

I started typing my own story, though I had no inspiration. Then an idea came to me. I started writing it down, stopping from time to time to reread it. It looked okay. Once I published it, I continued my life as normal. Before that, I set a timer for 19 hours, because that's the average time when I get feedback.

I was just watching Tik Tok, when my phone buzzed. I jumped. Then I realized it was just the timer I set. I ran toward my computer and opened the Wiki.

I opened my story, and quickly went down to the comments for feedback. There were four comments.





I was getting tired of this thing. I felt dizzy. I decided to get a drink and lay down for a little bit.

Before I even got to my room, I felt faint, seeing black and red dots. I felt so bad I had to support myself on the doorway to my bedroom. I was feeling weak, like all my energy was being sucked up. I still managed to drag myself to my bed and fall on to it.

I opened my eyes, renewed with energy but not enough. I was in a black space. I tried moving my arms, but they wouldn't budge. Tried moving the legs. That didn't work either. It was like I was glued to place.

In front of me, I suddenly saw... myself. I was seeing myself accomplish my dream, winning a writing contest. But, weirdly enough, I didn't feel anything.

"... for winning first place in PotM! She won first place due to her amazing story which is now published in books, and soon movies!" said the announcer.

The picture of the announcer and myself began to swirl. I saw myself again. Only this time, I was curled up in a ball, in a hospital, dead.

I had a sudden urge to move. I had an uneasy feeling, like this was dangerous.

The two me's were compared. The happy, smiling me and the dead one.

My gaze was fixed on the happy one. She began to fade. My feelings started to fade, too.

An invisible force was pointing at her. And a voice came from somewhere.

"You couldn't do that."