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For this ritual you will need: a shower, 5 candles or more, a mirror, purified water, a red long-sleeved shirt, and a cup (You can still use bottled purified water).

First put on the red shirt, turn on your shower, and make sure the water is at least warm (Did I mention that the mirror needs to be in the room with the shower?) and close the door for 5–10 minutes (Depending on how hot it is) and come back in.

The mirror should be all blurry. If it is, take your purified water and put just a bit on the mirror. It will still be you in the mirror, however, it will be you as if someone pulled you out of the grave 40 years after you were put in.

You will pass out, no matter how ready you are. You will wake up in a basement, with your grave right behind you. These are where the candles come in. Place them around the grave and they will instantly light.

You will pass out again, and you will be in your own home. Nothing happens after that.

After all, you are just a dead body at that point.

Written by Unclever Name 
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