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Half of my life I was fascinated with everything that has any connection to ghosts, demons or everything creepy. I loved bats, cemetaries were places of peace to me and i loved the smell of moist cellars as much as everything that could give me goosebumps. Naturally at one point I came in contact with the occult. A friend of mine practised alchemy and was very studied in summonings and demonology. I must have been around fifteen or sixteen when I recieved an urent sounding call from her in the middle of the night.

"You need to come over. I need your help."

I didn't even ask why and immediately went on my way. Luckily she was living pretty close to me. When I reached her home, she was standind outside waiting for me.

"Thanks for coming. I got a frantic call from a girl I know from school not long ago. They said they need my help. Apparently they decided to play with an ouija-board and fucked up and they want me to sort their mess out. I don't trust this. These girls hate me and if it is some sort of trap, I'd rather have someone with me."

to me this was no problem. She did not have any friends at school, got avoided, bullied and already has fallen victim to a similar trap. I knew the people that have called her and I also knew what they were capable of. To be prepared for everything that might happen I put a Jackknife in my pocket and she took her dog. It was a german-canadian shepardmix with snowwhite fur. If we would have ended up outnumbered, this dog would have become the ace up our sleeves. Together we went to the callers home. After we took a deep breath and prepared ourselves for anything that could've happened, we rang the bell. The door was torn open and we stood in front of three girls with pale faces, distorted with fear.

"Thank god you're here, thank you!", shouted the girl who lived in the house we entered. Slowly, looking into every direction my friend asked what was wrong. When I was – still thinking this might have been a trap – prepared for every possible scenario of an ambush, the girl frantically explained.

"I have the place to myself, since we are moving in a couple of days and we decided to play with an Ouja-Board. At First nothing happened at all, but then the blanchet started moving on its own and all the cupboards started opening and closing violently.

The cutlery was flying through the room and everything. I believe we really did have summon a ghost."

"Okay, I got three questions for you", my friend answered in a cold voice. "Did you protect yourself with a spell or a protective ritual?" "A what?", answered the girl out of breath.

"Okay, so this is a no. Second question. Have you asked for the entity's name?" "What? No.", we got as reply.

"Fine. Last Question. Did you finish the game? Did you say goodbye  and put the glass under water or destroyed it?" "No, of course not. We bolted out of the room and called you. Do you really think we would have stayed in there all calm?!"

"That's understandable. Okay I think you did not summen a ghost, but a demon instead. After what I heard, I think you disturbed this entity, did not introduce yourselves, asked it for something and finally you did not even dismiss it. I'd be pissed at you too." My friend told the girls that, in order to  get this demon out of the house they need to finish the game and properly dismiss this entitiy. As they heard they would have to go back into that room they vehemently refused.  It took some persuation and the threat that my friend would leave to get them to comply. Apparently there would not have been any other way to help them otherwise.

I still wasn't convinced of all this, but the dor on the other hand was very calm. This was a little calming to me. As much as I wanted to believe this situation, to me it appeared far fetched and since these girls hated my friend and all of a sudden called her of all people for help I still thought of it as being too suspicious. After a short period of time in which the girls gathered all their courage, I let them show me the way to the room in which they were playing. As I stood in front of the door, my friends dog suddenly changed behaviour. He growled at the door and nervously walked up and  down in front of it. Something definately was off. I immediately thought of this to be the playce of an ambush, opened my jackknife and walked inside the room. The first thing that I felt was a blast of freezing cold air. There was only one small window which was densely fogged. The room itself looked chaotic. Everywhere laid broken dishes and glass. The cupboards were open and everywhere stood moving boxes. In the middle of the room were the Ouja-board and the shot glass on top of a makeshift table built from stacked up moving boxes. Around it there were three chairs. Some more were placed at a wall in the corner. The shotglass was positioned at the word "No" on the Ouja-Board.

"What was the last question you asked this thing?", I asked the girls. "I don't know anymore. I believe it was if it wants to play or something. I really don't remember. Can't we just leave again, please?"

"Don't you dare!", my friend barked at them. "If we don't finish this, this thing will stay and who knows what it will do next. Go to the table and sit down where you were seated before."

The dog could not be calmed anymore. He growled perpetually and showed some agressive behavoiur despite being calm and peaceful before.

My friend decided to bring the dog back to the living room and leave him there. When she returned, we took two chairs from the corner of the room and looked at the radiator. It was running on full force, but the room itself stayed freezing cold. "That was to be expected.", my friend murmured to us.

We sat down with the girls at the makeshift table and thus began the most frightening night of my life up to that point. Everyone placed their fingers on the shot glass and my friend began speaking calmly.

"Hello. My friend and I want to join the game. Would you give us your name please?"

Nothing happened.

"My name is Christina and yours?"

slowly the shot glass began moving. With every small move the girls shrieked and tears started running down their faces. They flinched out of fear and took their fingers off the glass but put them back after my friend glared at them. Jerkily and only for some millimetres at a time but perpetually the glass moved. I was convinced one of them would just fuck with us and asked "Okay, who of you guys is this.""Shhh!", my friend silenced me immediately whilst the glass slowly spelled the word "Zekar".

"Hello Zekar. What are you?", my friend continued asking.

Again the glass stared moving. D – I – A – L

My friend seemed sort of relieved, while everyone else was looking at each other confused. "What's that supposed to mean?" Dial?", I asked trying to make sense of the word by thinking of its english equivalent.

"No, a Dial is a harmless type of demon...well more or less harmless that is." The eyes of the three girls opened wide and one of them even started crying. I had to regain control of my facial expression again as well. "It focuses more on destruction and mischief rather than death and annihilation. Nevertheless we need to get rid of it. If its mood changes further, it might really get dangerous. Listen up. I will end this game now and I will tell you how to proceed any further. Okay Zekar, It was very nice getting to know you. We want to thank you for your appearance and now we release you back into your realm."

As soon as she ended that sentence all hell broke loose. The cupboards began opening and closing violently. We startled up. One girl jumped out of her chair and pressed herself crying out of panic against the other two. The shot glass jumped to the word "No" and jittered back and forth there. Sometimes it jumped a little making the knocking of itself on the Ouija-board a sign of the spirits discontent. I got startled so much, that my breath stopped and my heart jumped. I never was that scared my in whole life.

My friend began to repeat her farewell more vigourously. "We invited you here and now we farewell you! Go!"

But it was of no avail. The cupboard doors wildly flung around and moving boxes started moving. The already filled ones just moved a few centimetres but the empty ones were downright thrown across the room.

Finally my friend grabbed the shot glass, which up until that moment was still pointing to the word "No". That moment the Ouja-board itself jumped a good five centimetres into the air. I don't know if I jumped out of a scare out of my chair or if it was ripped away from under me. The only thing I know is, that I landed pretty hard on the floor and watched my friend blow into the glass and throw it against the wall shouting "GO!"

The glass burst into millions of pieces, sending them flying all across the room. Everything calmed down again. The cupboard doors stopped moving and everything went quiet again. Out of breath I stood up and tried to wrap my head around what I just witnessed. As I looked across the room I saw my friend standing upright all tensed up, listening for any sound or sign and looking around suspiciously. My friend and I were unharmed, bedide my back hurting a little bit from the hard fall I just took. The three girls on the other hand were plasterd with glass shards. They had them on their clothes, in their hair and were even cut on different spots where they got hit by the glass. Besides the girls whimpers and me trying to catch my breath again the room was dead silent.

After a short moment my friend relaxed again and ordered us to leave the room. The girls did not need a second invitation. The bolted out of the room as fast as they could. My friend took a necklace with a cross out of her pocket and began wrapping it around the lamp. Together we left the room and closed the door behind us. We walked into the adjacent living room where she glared sternly at the scared pale girls.

"Never do this again. You were lucky today, but next time you might not! It's important to keep all doors in this house closed for now. Especially the one to this room, got it? Leave everything as it is until tomorrow. No one enters this room until noon of tomorrow. After that you can clean up the mess but until then this room is strictly taboo. Do you understand?" The girls shakingly nodded.

My friend leashed her dog again and went with him to the door to see how he would react. This time the dog remained calm. She turned to me and with a slight move of her head she let me understand that we would leave now. "We're done here.", she said. I turned around and walked to the front door. As I opened it I turned to thi girls again and mentioned "You know, from now on you really should consider being more friendly to least in appreciation of today."

I tried to be bold and fearless on the outside through all of this but within I was just as disturbed and scared as the three girls. When the door closed behind us, I looked at my friend, shook my head in disbelief and asked her "What the fuck did just happen?!"

She kept a straight stare into the night, wrapped her dogs leash around her wrist and calmly answered "What always happens if people let theirselves in for things they really better should have stayed away from. Or do you think it was purely coincidential that all the glass shards only hit and cut the girls?"

I did not ask her again about this whole event. We never forgot this night and sometimes we still chat about what happened. A few years later she stopped actviely taking part in seances and summonings. My fascination with this stayed...and this night marked only the beginning for me.

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