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My heart is cold, my head is empty.

Blood is pouring out plenty.

They say that you know your enemies.

But what if everyone was brain-dead zombies.

The door is closing, it’s getting darker.

You hear a snap, you run faster.

God has granted eternal crying.

But why do need to cry when you’re dying.

Everything is just a pity.

Everyone around acts like a stupid ass zombie.

Times were good, now and then.

But you’ll never step foot in my room again.

He’s creeping behind me, he’s getting closer.

Blood pouring out his mouth like Soda.

I know that I have done wrong.

Its my final days, there’s no somber song.

To all the people who would be shitty with me.

Just shut the fuck up, you’re dumb old zombie.

I’m hiding in my room sad.

The man is coming closer and he got something real, real bad.

I went to the oak tree but the rope wasn’t tight enough.

I went to the highway, no cars would turn up.

You’re just a zombie, cooking my brain fried.

But would you be happy if I died.

20 years go fast and you took it alway from me.

You left the house moaning like a undead zombie.

The gun was broken so I couldn’t leave the world.

He’s in my room, I’m crying in a ball that is curl.

My mum would’ve left if you attempted to stab.

But you already left with a really tight grab.

If you’re friend is racist and he says his kidding.

Just look and tell you’re a fucked up zombie.

Im too scared of that Midnight Man.

He’s grabbing me in the closet, killing me if he can.

I walk around the road with the same rabid fox.

Wish It could bite me, kill me at the mailbox.

He’s grabbed me, I’m crying and he’s trying jerking.

Those days were pretty shit, not gonna lie I ain’t working.

I traced the cord back to the wall.

No wonder it was never plugged in at all.

I wish my head could blow up and explode all over space.

With blood and gore going all over the place.

I want to go back with the days with my teddy.

We would be protected from the brainless zombie.

My dad says to shut up it is all theatrical.

But I always thought his practices weren’t that practical.

I can’t stand live listening to a hypocrite.

I don’t fucking care, I don’t give a shit.

Everyone and everything is so fucked up.

I wish it was possible to drown in a cup.

The waters getting closer, he’s going to drown me.

But just remember his a brain-dead zombie.

He left my mum and he took off with all the furniture.

Im now starting to understand he doesn’t care about her.

He’s dunked me in a lake with a strait jacket left to to drown.

The only he cared about was my big, big frown.

My life is bad, it’s always a mission.

I think I would die and be killed in intermission.

I wish I’d tied myself up on a railroad track.

With my face on the track, and the train on my back.

I get out of water, coughing ‘till death.

I think all he likes is just taking meth.

He doesn’t really care it’s an addiction.

He don’t really care what he see’s is fiction.

I wish I would escape with a big golden key.

Away from my troubles from the town of Zombie.

He left me to die on the old country road.

His friends doesn’t care what he’s just showed.

He wants me extinct like a dodo.

He hates me and thinks that I’m a big homo.

I wish I could just end live as we now it.

Everybody stay away, no need of first aid kit.

Blood is pouring every from my nightmares.

He only likes me for his sick desires.

I wish it will all be gone in a jiffy.

He doesn’t even know he’s a fucking bitch of a zombie.